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Brusche Process Technology is committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility. This is reflected in the following focus points:

Brusche Process Technology - Focus op hergebruik en duurzame energie


Environmentally aware, future-oriented, focus on reuse and sustainable energy.

Brusche Process Technology:

demonstrates our social responsibility
offers employees development opportunities
enables employees at all levels and with appropriate resources to perform their work safely, healthily, optimally and in an environmentally friendly manner
develops and installs sustainable concepts, such as CO₂ Capture and Liquefaction Systems
demonstrates sustainability ambitions by proactively approaching customers
advises in the field of energy & cost reduction
prevents environmental pollution


Reliable partner, committed to our clients, there for customers and employees alike.

Brusche Process Technology:

makes transparent agreements, is honest and shows respect
makes agreements that at least comply with legislation and regulations and meet the standards and guidelines applicable to the industry and certifications
ensures that the effectiveness of health systems is continuously improved
provides a clean, safe and healthy working environment
applies clear and uniform rules at its own locations and ensures compliance
ensures that employees hold each other accountable for their behaviour and gives them the opportunity to learn from mistakes made
places the same demands on relationships with the people we work with as we place on ourselves
does everything in its power to uphold its reputation
Brusche Process Technology - Betrouwbaar
Brusche Process Technology - Innovatief


Innovative, expert and progressive without losing sight of reality.

Brusche Process Technology:

seeks innovations, together with clients, to make processing systems, machines and production environments as sustainable, cost-effective, reliable, safe and efficient as possible
delivers innovative products with expertise concepts
delivers savings through expertise in the field of energy consumption and CO₂ emissions
is progressive in controlling all environmental aspects and impacts
encourages employees to contribute innovative development ideas

Customer focused:

Customers trust us as a committed partner.

Brusche Process Technology:

ensures that customers can always count on Brusche Process Technology
listens to customers and contributes input
positions itself as a committed and leading partner
creates tailor-made solutions for customers
lightens the load for customers
offers customers high-quality services and tailored total packages with the aim of delivering sustainable, reliable and innovative solutions for utility and industry
aims to establish and maintain long-term relationships with clients by offering added value in combination with value for money
Brusche Process Technology - Klantgericht