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Brusche Process Technology is a new company within the Brusche group that focuses on the development, design, manufacture and maintenance of technical systems in the processing industry.

Brusche Process Technology - Samen Realiseren

Our ambition is to make the processing industry more sustainable so that we can create a bright future for the generations to come. We want to achieve this by developing and creating sustainable solutions for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and waste processing industries.

The synergy between Brusche Elektrotechniek and Brusche Process Technology makes our solutions strong

In order to realize our ambitions, we make use of various other specialities within Brusche Elektrotechniek.

Brusche Process Technology - Synergie

For example, we collaborate intensively with our automation experts. There are skilled colleagues within Brusche for practically every stage of the development and implementation of our solutions. Besides being convenient, this also ensures the quality is always guaranteed. In addition, we have an extensive network of external specialists in case we do not have certain specific knowledge in house.

Although Brusche Process Technology is a new company, the people behind the new name are experienced specialists in the field. Establishing Brusche Process Technology has enabled us, together with our passionate colleagues, to give substance to our drive to help companies get the best out of processes.

Brusche Process Technology - Andy circle

Andy Roeloffzen

Andy Roeloffzen has been working in the waste-to-energy sector for the past 25 years and specialises in project development and project management.

In addition to the day-to-day coordination of business operations, he is also responsible for the development of projects that often focus on sustainability in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, waste and energy sectors. Andy has played an important role in the development and construction of a factory for carbon capture utilisation and storage at Twence. This factory was later further developed incorporating CO₂ liquefaction and storage technology. This plant is a striking example of how Andy wants to apply his his chemical technological background to contribute to a sustainable future with Brusche Process Technology. Circularity is of great importance in this respect, closing cycles by recovering raw materials and reusing them. In recent years, Andy has gained considerable knowledge in this respect, such as the recovery of minerals from manure that can be reused in agriculture.

Brusche Process Technology - Ewald circle

Ewald Kosters

Over the past 25 years, Ewald Kosters has developed into an expert in mechanical process design and project management.

At Brusche Process Technology, Ewald focuses on the operational side of business operations. This includes the management of projects in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and waste processing markets, as well as the challenge of making optimal use of our employees’ capacities a day-to-day basis. Ewald's experience has been shaped by the development and execution coordination of various national & international projects with a range of application areas, including CO₂ capture & processing. That is precisely why Ewald wants to contribute to a sustainable society within Brusche Process Technology.

Brusche Process Technology is committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility. This is set out in our Corporate Social Responsibility document. You can read it here.